Redemptorists launch magazine to support new parents through spiritual journey

Majellan Publications, a ministry of the Redemptorists, has launched a publication aimed at supporting new parents through their spiritual journey.

In 2018 Majellan Publications says it saw the need to develop a resource that supports soon to be parents at one of the most life changing times, a time that has a profound spiritual element.

“So we set out to develop such a resource.  After 12 months of development Becoming Parents – a Spiritual Journey was ‘born’,” they say.

Becoming Parents - a Spiritual Journey , the new magazine from Majellan Publications

Becoming Parents - a Spiritual Journey, the new magazine from Majellan Publications

The website for Becoming Parents – a Spiritual Journey says the publication explores ways that parents can develop a deeper spirituality with their baby.

“Even before your baby is born, you are a parent. Unless you’re intentional and understand the elements to connectivity, you might lose that opportunity to grow spiritually with your child,” it says.

“Like steel forged in a fire so too is the love that forms when you become a parent. There is great joy to be had at all stages, from the beginning of conception, to the miracle of a growing new life, to birth, and caring for and raising your newborn child. Although there will be struggles at times you can look forward to the journey in confidence, through dedication, love and spiritual reflection.

“You will learn how to recognise and understand the important elements that contribute to the spiritual side of parenting.”

Majellan Publications began in 1949 with the first issue of the Majellan magazine. This was published by the Redemptorist Congregation, from their community in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Majellan Family Magazine is in its 71st year and from the beginning, the magazine has sought to foster family life in a Christian context. It is named after a Redemptorist saint, Gerard Majella, who showed particular care for families during his lifetime and afterwards came to be looked upon by many people as a patron of families in need.

In 1963, the Majellan office moved from Ballarat to the Melbourne suburb of Brighton. There Majellan publishing grew to include not only the Majellan magazine but also bulletins and many books and pamphlets.

Those who subscribe to Becoming Parents – a Spiritual Journey  will be sent four issues during pregnancy, with topics covered including: 

·         Stories of other parents who have been on this journey

·         Activities to enrich your journey

·         Articles on how to strengthen your relationship with your partner, family, your baby and God

·         Rituals for developmental milestones

·         Dialogue for important conversations

·         Meditations for self-care

·         Reflections from grandparents

·         Articles on how fathers can be involved

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