Welcome to CRA’s Justice Committee. We invite you to engage with us, take action and share articles with your networks in person and via social media.

The CRA National Council established a Justice Committee to give religious congregations a united and effective voice on justice issues, locally and globally.

The Committee connects congregations enabling the pooling of resources, skills and expertise to influence public and social policy on issues of justice, equity and ecological sustainability.

Australia’s religious congregations are strongly committed to action for justice. Through their justice ministries, they work with: refugees and asylum seekers, indigenous Australians, trafficked people, the homeless, prisoners and young offenders. Issues to do with the environment, climate change and the use of energy are also key concerns.


Below are resources you can use to engage with justice issues:


To engage with the CRA Justice Committee, please email
secretariat@catholicreligious.org.au attention to Sharon Price rsm.