CRA has created new Committees to support Leaders and to work actively with Church and other agencies and organisations in the wider community, to advocate for change, increase awareness of justice issues, and provide resources for congregational leaders to support their ministries. The Committees are established by the Council of CRA and are accountable to the CRA Council.

The CRA Committees provide expertise, information, communication and professional development to support the Leaders of religious institutes, their members and lay colleagues and to ensure that their voice is represented to protect, support and help the marginalised in society and the many areas in which religious work and minister.



The purpose of the CRA Emerging Futures Committee is to contribute to the re-imagining of the expression of the universal charism of religious life, focusing on the emerging issues for the living and governance of Religious life as it is evolving in Australia. Click here to find out more about Emerging Futures Initiative Two.

Chair: Sr Anne Lane pbvm

Sr Monica Cavanagh rsj
Sr Elizabeth Dowling rsm
Sr Clare Nolan rsc
Br Graham Neist fms
Br John Thompson fms
Sr Stancea Vichie mss



The purpose of the CRA Justice Committee is to actively promote justice by giving religious and their colleagues a clearly articulated public voice on issues of justice. This involves advocating, educating, engaging and supporting religious institutes in their work for justice and their development of just policies and practices. The Committee provides information and resource material for the Council and/or leaders when a significant national voice is required.

Chair: Sr Louise Cleary csb

Sr Jan Barnett rsj
Dr Mark Copland
Sr Margaret Hinchey rsm
Sr Anne McGuire rsm
Fr Peter O’Neill ssc
Sr Libby Rogerson ibvm
Sr Lucy Van Kessel pvbm




The Committee is primarily concerned with support to Religious Institutes on practical matters associated with business management and resource management.

Chair: Mr John Spillane

Mrs Kathy Daini
Sr Josephine Dubiel rsj
Mr Bernard Kenna
Mrs Carmel Leonard



Digital Classroom_web.jpg

The Committee works with Religious Institutes and Public Juridic Persons involved in Catholic education. The Committee adopts an ‘issues’ focus and aims to assert the prophetic voice particular to Religious Institutes. It supports the National Catholic Education Commission representative, ensuring an inclusive and balanced voice on public issues such as funding and collaborates with the Association of Ministerial Public Juridic Persons.

Chair: Prof Marea Nicholson

Dr Brian Croke
Mr Bernard Dobson
Dr Frank Malloy
Br Paul Oakley cfc
Sr Catherine Slattery sgs
Ms Alison Terrey


CRA Health and Wellbeing COMMITTEE

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The purpose of the Committee is to facilitate networking and provide a forum for those engaged in the development and maintenance of the health and well-being for members of Religious Institutes. The Committee explores opportunities for appropriate, contemporary and visionary care for Religious.

Chair: Sr Maree Marsh csb

Ms Marie Mohr
Sr Antoinette Baldwin rsj
Br David Hawke fsc
Sr Mary-Clare Holland op