Rural Christmas Appeal funds already hard at work in the bush

Sheep in the Riverina struggle for feed in the drought (Photo: VirtualSteve, WikiCommons)

Sheep in the Riverina struggle for feed in the drought (Photo: VirtualSteve, WikiCommons)

Religious Institutes donated $50,000 to the CRA Rural Christmas Appeal, with the funds already being distributed to Religious working in rural ministry in drought-stricken towns in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.  

Religious from a range of congregations have been working on the front-line of the drought that is gripping the nation, accompanying farming families and communities in a range of ways. 

“I can't describe how I felt when I received the donation from the Congregations in Australia,” one Religious wrote in response to the Appeal. 

“I was being continually asked for financial help for electricity (we had months of temperatures in the 40s), fuel and on many occasions food and as it was the end of the year the funds were down to the last few dollars. 

“What a relief I felt when I was able to say yes to those who came asking. 

“The donation made it possible to give many families a special extra help over Christmas. I will be able to assist in the New Year because of the generosity of so many. 

“I will also be able to help with assistance to families suffering domestic violence and who need to get away. 

“The gift will be used wisely and well, giving relief to anxious and worried families.” 

Another Religious working in the Riverina district of NSW, also expressed her thanks. 

“Many thanks for the generous cheque that arrived in the post yesterday.  I deposited it immediately as two Centacare Finley workers (my old work colleagues) had made contact with me about needs for families with disabilities in the south west.  I was pleased to let them know about the CRA funding - they are most grateful,” the Sister wrote.

“This funding is particularly helpful for families at the beginning of the school year as well as demands over Christmas and the summer.” 

And from another: “What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much.  

“Just recently the home of two of our senior parishioners burnt to the ground. Thank God they were not in the house. As it was only a small, compact house and quite old it was gone in no time. I will use some of that money to help them out as they settle into a Unit in the nearby town of Burra. 

“Another need – a Dad coping with a teenage daughter with an eating disorder.  Several others who will appreciate grocery vouchers at this time.” 

Following is the list of disbursements by town:

Wagga, NSW                           6000.00

Barcaldine, Q                          6000.00

Inverrell, NSW                         6000.00

Coonbarabran, NSW               6000.00

Brewarrina, NSW                    3000.00

Mildura, Vic                            3000.00

Merbein, Vic                           3000.00

Clare, SA                                  3000.00

Halls Creek, WA                      3000.00

Noorat, Vic                              1500.00

Wilcannia, NSW                      1500.00

Cobar NSW                              1500.00

Griffith, NSW                           1500.00

Nurmurkah, Vic                       3000.00

Gilgandra, NSW                       2000.00