Statement regarding George Pell's appeal outcome

CRA respects the Australian legal system and its processes and acknowledges the distress this case has caused many in the wider Australian community, including the Catholic faithful, communities and individuals.

CRA extends its heartfelt compassion to the man we know as Witness J, those involved in this case and all those who have been impacted by abuse in the Church. This has been a sorrowful time for so many.

CRA’s member institutes continue to work in a caring and just way with those who have been abused. We are committed to reforming the Church’s practices so that safeguarding is integral throughout the Church’s ministry and outreach in the community and so that children and vulnerable people are protected.  

We will continue to support the vulnerable and voiceless and take action to ensure their concerns and needs are addressed.


Sylvia MacRitchie-Hook
M: 0410 644 356