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Who will benefit from attending?

This seminar is appropriate for leaders and leadership team members, health; well-being coordinators and care-givers employed by congregations; and members living in community with older members.

Topics covered

Healthy ageing: Promoting physical, emotional and mental health in older Religious.

One of the most important issues for anyone who cares for older religious is being able to connect with the GP and work with that person for the best care of the religious. Dr Michael Casey will address how doctors and carers can best work together on issues around medication, driving, general health matters.

Elaine Bray, Alzheimer’s Queensland Director of Care, will explore recognising the early onset of dementia, addressing the issues that emerge, the challenging behaviours with which religious can present and offer some communication skills and management techniques to advantage the carer.


The morning will be presentations and the afternoon session will be a facilitated forum.

How to Register

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